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RPL Training Theory

Prepare yourself for the skies with our immersive classroom training. Delve into a comprehensive curriculum designed to instill in-depth knowledge and understanding of key aviation principles.
Duration: 7 days (inclusive of exams).

Air Law

Understand the regulations governing airspace usage and flight operations


Learn to interpret weather patterns and forecasts to ensure safe flying conditions.


Master the art of chart reading, flight planning, and navigation techniques.

Radio Telephony

Gain proficiency in radio communication protocols essential for effective air traffic coordination.

UAS Theory of Flight

Explore the principles of unmanned aerial system (UAS) flight dynamics and aerodynamics.

Battery Procedure

Familiarize yourself with battery management and safety protocols to maximize flight endurance.

Flight Planning

Develop skills in strategic flight route planning and risk assessment to mitigate potential hazards.

Human Performance

Understand human factors affecting pilot performance and decision-making in flight operations.

UAS Safety Risk Assessment

Learn to conduct comprehensive risk assessments to ensure safe and responsible drone operations.

Maintenance & Inspection

Acquire essential knowledge of drone maintenance and inspection procedures to uphold airworthiness standards.

RPL Practical Training

Elevate your skills from theory to practice with hands-on flight training sessions. Experience the thrill of piloting a multi-rotor drone under the guidance of experienced instructors.
Duration: 1 week.

Personalized Instruction

Receive one-to-one guidance tailored to your skill level and learning pace from our skilled instructors.

Skill Development

Hone your flying abilities through targeted exercises and real-world flight scenarios.


Enjoy flexible scheduling to accommodate your availability and weather conditions.


Undergo a practical exam or skills test with a Designated Flight Examiner (DFE) to demonstrate your proficiency.

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Before you begin, kindly ensure you have met the following conditions
  • 1. Are at least 18 years old
  • 2. Proficient in English
  • 3. Hold a Class 3 Medical Certificate (facilitated by us).
  • 4. Possess a valid certificate of good conduct or security clearance for international students.

If you meet all the above, you may proceed to applying in the for provided.

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